KPPK Studien

SOLO and AHEAD Study as Co-Investigator and Investigator (Phase  IV)


EOS and Helios Study as Co-Investigator (Phase III)


ATHENA Study as Co-Investigator (Phase III)


CLIMB Study as Investigator (Phase  III)


Novartis CQMF149B2201 COPD (Phase II)                     


Boehringer Ingelheim, 1205.14 COPD, Eudract No. 2007-001946-42


ALK Abello, SHX 0803 GF 18 Allergie, Eudract Nr. 2007-006009-26


OM Pharma BV 2007/02, Eudract Nr. 2007-004702-27


ALK Abello, SHX 0901AF-H-01, ALK-Flex SXQ, Allergie


Boehringer Ingelheim, 205.416 Asthma, Eudract No. 2008-001413-14


Boehringer Ingelheim, 1222.12 COPD, Eudract No. 2008-003705-67


Chiesi, CCD-0804-PR-0034, Asthma, Eudract No. 2008-004671-22


OM Pharma BV 2007/06, COPD, Eurdract No. 2007-005637-11


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 1237.18 COPD, Eudract No. 2009-014880-38


Bayer Q3939.12965 Bronchiektasen, Eudract No. 2009-009869-34


Glaxo HZA 106837, Asthma, Eudract No. 2009-011461-84


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 1222.38 COPD, Eudract No. 2009-014416-35


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 205.419, Asthma, Eudract No. 2009-018005-43


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 205.424,


Asthma Kinder Eudract No. 2009-017745-55


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 1268.16, Asthma, Eudract No. 2009-014551-80


Glaxo GSK  DB 2113374,COPD, Eudract No. 2010-021802-39


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 205.444, Asthma, Eudract No. 2010-021093-11


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 205.452, COPD, Eudract No. 2009-015713-51


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 205.445,


Asthma Kinder 6-11 J. Eudract No. 2011-001758-26


Glaxo Austri Studie SAS115359 Asthma, Eudract No. 2011-001644-29


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 205.446,


Asthma Kinder 6-11 J. Eudract No. 2011-001777-43


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 205.456,


Asthma Kinder groß, Eudract No. 2010-021778-13


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 205.425,


Asthma Kinder klein, Eudract No. 2010-022458-18


Glaxo GSK AC4115408, COPD, Eudract No. 2011-001645-33


Cephalon, C38072/3083, Asthma, Eudract No. 2010-024006-35


Daxas Nycomed, RO-2455-404-RD, COPD, Eudract No. 2010-019685-87


Novartis, CQVA149ADE01, COPD, Eudract No. 2011-004870-26


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 1237.5, COPD, Eudract No. 2009-010668-40


Böhringer Ingelheim BI 1237.15, COPD, Eudract No. 2011-004253-11


Glaxo GSK HZA106853,


Asthma Kinder 5-11 J., Eudract No. 2011-003337-34


Glaxo, AC4116135, COPD, Eudract No. 2012-001870-27


Glaxo, HZA 116863, Asthma, Eudract No. 2012-02797-32


MSD Merck, MK 1029, Asthma, Eutract No. 2012-000643-27


Bayer, Q3939/1562, Bronchiektasen, Eudract No. 2011-004208-39


Novartis, CQVA 149A2318, COPD, Eudract No. 2012-004966-16


AMGEN, 20120141, Asthma, Eudract No. 2012-003351-11


AB Sience, AB07015, Schweres Asthma, Eudract No. 2010-020803-63


Genuair Protokoll No. M34273-32 COPD


Glaxo GSK SAS115359,203061, Asthma


ICH-GCP Training: Refreshing GCP-Training, 23.03.2012 Koblenz